Nightwish x Myssy, Harvest Beanie

Nightwish x Myssy Harvest Beanie
Nightwish x Myssy Harvest Beanie
Nightwish x Myssy Harvest Beanie
Nightwish x Myssy Harvest Beanie
Nightwish x Myssy Harvest Beanie
Nightwish x Myssy Harvest Beanie

Nightwish x Myssy, Harvest Beanie

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Nightwish X Myssy - A beanie out of this world

Myssy is the most original and organic beanie you can find. This beanie has been handmade of 100% organic Finnsheep wool in Pöytyä, Finland by a local Myssy Granny. The wool originates from black sheep and has been hand-dyed at the farm. Check the label inside your Myssy to see who made it - the story and the photo of your Myssy Granny can be found on website.

Each Myssy is delivered in a gift box. The beanie has a lifetime warranty. Release date October 30th, order yours now!

The color of Harvest beanie is green.

Washing instructions
Wool is a natural material that keeps itself clean. The lanolin - wool’s grease - naturally repels both dirt and water, hence it is not necessary to wash your beanie.

You can freshen up your beanie by airing it out. However, if it does get dirty or stretches out, it can be carefully hand-washed or machine-washed with a high-quality wool program. The garment should be dried flat and shaped while still wet. This way the product will recover its original appearance. NOTE! Products cannot be washed in regular low-temperature washing machine programs. Only a high-quality wool program is acceptable for washing, this way the water temperature is increased in proper increments, and the garment won’t get felted.

Lifetime warranty
Myssy beanies are handmade in Finland with high-quality yarn and we are proud of our work. We give all our products a lifetime warranty. If your beanie ever breaks down, we will fix it or replace it with a new one. However, we are not responsible for direct, incidental, or consequential damages for any reason.

Please note, that the two following occasions are not covered by the warranty: stretching and felting. The Myssy product stretches to match your head, which is one of the attributes of the wool we use. If you want the product to take its original shape, wash it following our care instructionsand shape it while it’s still wet. Also if your Myssy product becomes felted due to the hard rubbing or improper use, it is not covered by the warranty.

Backstage Rock Shop is the proud home of official Nightwish merchandise.

All Myssy beanies should feel a little tight in the beginning. The beanie adjusts to the size and shape of your head within the first week of use.

This one size beanie fits well for hat sizes between 54 to 60 cm. Each Myssy is unique, and though all our grannies work off from the same size chart, not all hats are precisely the same.

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