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Sonata Arctica

Live in Finland, 2DVD + 2CD


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1. Intro (Everything Fades To Gray)
2. Flag In The Ground
3. Last Amazing Grays
4. Juliet
5. Replica
6. Blank File
7. As If The World Wasn´t Ending
8. Paid In Full
9. Victoria´s Secret
10. Instrumental Exhibition
11. The Misery
12. Fullmoon
13. In Black & White
14. Mary-Lou
15. Shy
16. Letter To Dana
17. Caleb
18. Don´t Say A Word
19. Outro (Vodka/Everything Fades To Gray)

1. White Pearl, Black Oceans
2. Draw Me15.16.Letter To Dana
3. In Black & White
4. Don't Say A Word
Making of “Live in Finland”
Making of “Flag In The Ground”
Latin-American Tour Documentary
Made in Finland – Tour Documentary
Music Videos: Don’t Say A Word, Paid In Full, Flag In The Ground
Acoustic live at Alcatraz, Milano
The Flag in the ground- cover contest
Photo Galleries

CD 1
1. Intro (Live In Oulu) 2:18
2. Flag In The Ground (Live In Oulu) 4:27
3. The Last Amazing Grays (Live In Oulu) 5:44
4. Juliet (Live In Oulu) 5:51
5. Replica (Live In Oulu) 4:42
6. Blank File (Live In Oulu) 4:09
7. As If The World Wasn’t Ending (Live) 3:53
8. Paid In Full (Live In Oulu) 4:21
9. Instrumental Exibition (Live In Oulu) 3:36
10. The Misery (Live In Oulu) 5:16
11. In Black & White (Live In Oulu) 5:14
12. Letter To Dana (Live In Oulu) 5:12
13. Caleb (Live In Oulu) 6:23
14. Don’t Say A Word (Live In Oulu) 10:05

1. Paid In Full (Live At Sonata Arctica Open Air) 4:24
2. 8th Commandment (Live At Sonata Arctica Open Air) 3:59
3. Replica (Live At Sonata Arctica Open Air) 4:45
4. Tallulah (Live At Sonata Arctica Open Air) 5:37
5. Caleb (Live At Sonata Arctica Open Air) 6:14
6. White Pearl, Black Oceans (Live At Sonata Arctica Open Air) 8:06
7. Draw Me (Live At Sonata Arctica Open Air) 3:57
8. Fullmoon (Live At Sonata Arctica Open Air) 5:30

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