Garment Care – Tips how your t-shirt will live longer life

Cotton is the most used material in our textiles. The durability of cotton makes it easy to care, as textiles made of 100% cotton or cotton blend do not require special treatment during washing. We've put together a few tips on how to extend shirts life cycle by taking a good care of it.

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Always follow the washing instructions provided in the care label. Basic rule is that 100% cotton textiles should be washed with large amount of water in 40 degrees. Cotton almost always shrinks 3% - 5% in the first wash so washing in higher temperatures might shrink the shirt even more.

If the textile is cotton blend (for example 80% cotton, 20% polyester), recommended washing temperature might vary.

We recommend to wash the shirt before its first use. Wash inside out, thereby printing of the product remains in prime condition for a long time.

Try to avoid unnecessary washing: it wears out the fabric and uses a lot of water. Your shirt is not necessarily in need of washing if you’ve used it for a short period of time. For example airing the shirt might help you to get rid of smells.


After washing, stretch the shirt to the right shape and dry it on the hanger or clothesline.

If you dry your laundry outdoors, you should not expose the textiles to direct sunlight for long periods of time. UV radiation tends to fade textile colors so if you are not looking for a retro look on your shirt, dry it inside or in a more shady place.

Cotton textiles can be spin-dried but we do not recommend tumble drying. Tumble dryer uses higher temperatures and it might shrink the shirt.

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General recommendation is to iron cotton textile while it is still moist. According to our experience when you iron cotton textile it doesn’t make a difference whether the shirt is moist or dry.

Do not iron shirt’s printed surface with a bare iron; use for example baking paper between the shirt and iron or leave the print unironed.


Fold shirts into shelf or hang them on a hanger. Do not stack your wardrobe too full in order to keep the shirts fresh and unwrinkled.

  • Always follow the washing instructions provided
  • Wash in right temperature, turn shirts inside out
  • Avoid direct sunlight while drying, do not use tumble dryer
  • Store shirts folded in shelf or hanged on a hanger