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updated March 28, 2017



These Terms and Conditions (later "Terms") together with any other Terms and Policies on this website form an entire Contract Of Sale and Services.

Backstagerockshop.com a marketplace operated by Backstage Rock Shop Ltd (later "we", "us"). These Terms  are applied on any business transaction between Backstage Rock Shop Ltd and its customers. Any applicable terms of third party services used by Backstage Rock Shop Ltd are defined the Service Provider. We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions without prior notice. All and any orders placed on the website are subject to the terms and conditions described on backstagerockshop.com website.

Backstage Rock Shop Ltd is not responsible for any implication caused by force majeure events. A Force Majeure Event is an unforeseeable event or change in circumstances, which we have no control over.
Backstage Rock Shop Ltd is obliged to inform the customer of force majeure without delay.



Any transactions are compliant with the applicable Finnish and European Union legislation on consumer sales, marketing and advertising. Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

After the order has shipped, the customer will receive an invitation to review/rate the item(s) purchased. Leaving a review is optional. Any review published on backstagerockshop.com website will not include any Personal Information.

Backstagerockshop.com website utilises cookies.
Further information about cookies can be found in our Privacy Policy.



Item prices displayed include VAT, but not any delivery fees unless otherwise noted. Please note that the Delivery Fee is shown as VAT 0% Subtotal in the Shopping Cart and Checkout. Nevertheless, the VAT (when applicable) to the order is calculated correctly in the Checkout Grand Total.
In case of an obvious error in price(s) the product will not be sold at a price considerably below normal, when the error is obvious and it can be considered the customer has realized the error.

Estimated release and restock dates are based on information provided by distributors and manufacturers. Backstage Rock Shop Ltd or its respective suppliers are not liable for any delays caused by unpredictable change(s) of conditions.

Backstage Rock Shop Ltd reserves all rights to sell products for retailers.


Shipping and Delivery

Backstage Rock Shop provides a variety of delivery methods both domestic and international. Learn more about our Shipping Policies.

The Shopping Cart automatically detects and calculates any available discounts on shipping and delivery.
Please note that the Delivery Fee is shown as VAT 0% Subtotal in the Shopping Cart and Checkout. Nevertheless, the VAT (when applicable) to the order is calculated correctly in the Checkout Grand Total.

Orders with preorder or restock items will ship when the order can be fullfilled completely.
Fullfilled Orders are processed mainly in 24 hours after receiving the order (on Business Days) and in 7 Business Days from receiving the order at the latest. A Fullfilled Order means an order with all items in stock at the moment and the payment accepted.

Backstage Rock Shop is not liable to reserve any items on the same order for the customer if one or more items should be in presale or to be restocked, or the restocking is delayed for any reason we can't have control over.





We only accept online payments. Find more information on payments here.


Returns & Exchanges

All our goods have a 14-day (counting from receiving the shipment) return and exchange policy, excluding underwear and other hygienic or intimacy products (e.g. earplugs), gift certificates, free-of-charge items and clearance sale products. After the 14-day reclamation period we are not liable for any refunds or exchanges.
Learn more about our Returns & Exchanges Policy.
For any questions about returns, exhanges or refunds, please contact our customer service at store[at]backstagerockshop.com.


Warranty and liability

Backstage Rock Shop Ltd is liable for faulty products in accordance with Finnish and the European Union legislation. For more information, please contact our customer service at store[at]backstagerockshop.com.


Complaints, reclaims

The customer is obliged to present Proof Of Purchase, a receipt or other documentation stating the place and time of purchase when returning the goods or making a reclaim. Backstage Rock Shop reserves the right to charge the costs of searching for a receipt in behalf of the customer.

Any complaints and reclaims are only dealt with in written form. An informal complaint can be emailed to our customer service at store[at]backstagerockshop.com or in a letter at Backstage Rock Shop Ltd, Turkkirata 7, 33960 Pirkkala, Finland.
Any Terms and Conditions on this website or any separate agreements whereby we provide you Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Finland and the European Union.